Senior Accountant I

Senior Accountant · New Westminster, British Columbia
Department Senior Accountant
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level


Job Title

Senior Accountant I

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Supervising Partner



The primary role of the Senior Accountant (Level 1) is to work as part of a team, completing a wide range of basic to complex accounting work that constitutes the core of accounting services that Loren Nancke provides its clients. Senior Accountants 1 are expected to successfully begin to manage more sophisticated client files, contribute to the firms’ business development and growth, and oversee, guide and mentor Staff and Intermediate Accountants. As Senior Accountants 1, they are being recognized as possessing technical expertise across multiple clients, consistently providing exceptional accounting services to our clients.




Financial Reporting:


  • Completes basic to complex file compilation and working paper preparation
  • Prepares correspondence and working papers for the Canada Revenue Agency compliance reviews and audits
  • Assists with planning and managing time budgets
  • Prepares cost estimates in keeping with Loren Nancke’s polices around client quotes
  • Engages with clients to understand their needs and scopes the accounting work required to meet the client’s needs
  • Advises on accounting software and inventory control systems
  • Compiles and organizes client information and records, recording all financial activities for clients
  • Provides Canada Revenue Agency compliance audit support
  • Communicates with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Provides ideas on improving efficiencies to processes, including but not limited to, accounting policies, procedures and reporting
  • Understands strategic and operational decisions on files and financial results


  Management Accounting:


  • Delegates and reviews bookkeeping work of Staff and Intermediate Accountants and provides feedback
  • Assists with identification of appropriate record keeping methods in various client situations
  • Conducts new client meetings and engages in discussions with clients regarding changes on reporting needs
  • Manages and changes allocation of time on engagement files
  • Evaluates data and information on engagement file to accurately estimate budgets and billing
  • Participates in training meetings and performance management analysis
  • Advises and implements reporting systems
  • Demonstrates awareness of business processes, systems, data requirements and ethics and begins to recognize situations where ethical standards could be compromised
  • Remains up-to-date on current trends, emerging issues and technologies in management accounting


Strategy and governance:

  • Participates in providing improvements to internal processes, policies and practices and updates Partners accordingly
  • Identifies and anticipates engagement issues and risks and recommends appropriate risk management strategies
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and professional standards
  • Takes proactive approach to create efficiencies in operational and internal processes
  • Handles billing policies, calculates rates and drafts billings for partners
  • Remains up-to-date on firm standards, policies and procedures
  • Provides ideas on efficiencies and improvements and assists with implementing new billing policies and rates


  • Prepares and conducts first level review of financial statements, tax returns and schedules including corporate, trust and personal
  • Gathers information and data for use in returns
  • Prepares tax elections, corporate returns, wage and dividend plans and other tax forms
  • Provides instructions to clients, lawyers and staff to complete tax elections based on working papers prepared
  • Provides guidance on incorporation
  • Adds additional schedule information when preparing corporate returns
  • Applies income tax act research to engagement files
  • Evaluates tax issues and provides clients with explanation on tax return(s) and information
  • Fully utilizes the CPA Handbook, Income Tax Act and Canada Revenue Agency website to understand financial and tax information
  • Utilizes research skills by gathering information and applying decisions appropriately
  • Follows-up on Notice of Assessment deadlines
  • Meets due dates for the Canada Revenue Agency filings
  • Populates data into software, following-up with client for missing information
  • Determines complexity of file and notifies preparer accordingly
  • Exhibits moderate to more advanced knowledge of tax concepts, analyzing various tax issues and implications effectively





File Management

Completes and manages basic to complex files identifying and appropriately mitigating scope changes on files, keeping Partners informed throughout file engagement, and verifying that the full range of accounting and administration activities meets the needs of our clients.

Client Relationships

Develops client trust, rapport and relationship by taking an active role in engaging with clients, responding to complex queries, identifying, assessing and anticipating the needs of the client and providing quality execution and follow-up on files.


Leverages various software, programs and cloud-based software, including Nitro, CaseWare, CaseView, Microsoft Suite, QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, TaxCycle and DoxCycle, PAGE.



Communicates effectively with clients and coworkers, responding to complex queries logically, clearly and concisely, adhering to quality standards and a high level of attention at all times, and beginning to proactively probe, ask questions and tailor and adapt communication to better understand client perspectives and needs.

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Anticipates and identifies risks on files, recommending appropriate risk management strategies and understanding when to seek assistance by escalating to the Accounting Manager or Supervising Partner.  

Teamwork and Leadership

Integrates into team, demonstrates a strong commitment to the team environment and works with the Accounting Manager to begin to successfully lead a team throughout file preparation, assisting with overseeing, guiding, evaluating, mentoring and appropriately delegating work to Staff and Intermediate Accountants to uphold exceptional client service. 

Firm Contributions

 Upholds quality client service by meeting engagement objectives including adhering to time, budgets and outcomes, and thinks and acts holistically to contribute to the continued success and growth of the firm, actively supporting and participating in firm and/or community initiatives.

Self Development

 Works independently and takes ownership of work, personal/career/goal development and supports Staff and Intermediate Accountants and peers to perform at or above expectations.

Professionalism and Ethics

Demonstrates awareness of standards, policies and procedures in industry and of the firm, maintaining ethical behaviour at all times.




  • Completion of post-secondary degree
  • Completion of or working towards CPA designation
  • Minimum of 2 - 4 years of public practice experience in Canada
  • Exposure to Nitro, CaseWare, CaseView, Microsoft Suite, QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, TaxCycle and DoxCycle, PAGE considered an asset

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